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Our products configured

Our flagship product - the platform AMPLOS® is designed to build end-to-end sales process support solutions. AMPLOS® contains a set of components; each of them provides some functional capabilities. A set of components depends on customer’s business needs. Nowadays there are 4 products configured tailored to specific tasks. Optional components are integrated to satisfy specific customers’ needs.

Payment solutions building

  • Acceptance of payments in favor of a company;
  • Mutual settlements with partners;
  • Financial control: automatic reconciliations, analysis of satisfaction of cross liabilities;
  • Partners list management and contracts list management.


The product is designed for payment solutions building. Payment solutions enable to accept and transfer payments between company and its partners and clients. The product automates an overall life cycle of relationship with partners.

Sales management

  • Catalog management;
  • Mutual settlements with partners including calculation of remuneration and report generation;
  • Post-sales support management;
  • Inventory management and financial accounting;
  • Partners list management and contracts list management.


The product supports products and services sales by both its own and partners’ employees using various sales channels. The product automates an overall life cycle of relationship with partners.


  • Management of catalog including both customer’s products and partners’ products;
  • Sales management: management of customer showcases, shopping carts, customer orders;
  • Automation of relationships with partners;
  • Personal offers management.


The product is designed for e-commerce solutions development that enable to sell online own and partners’ products.

Payments processing

  • Acceptance of payments via its own or partners’ payment kiosks, Internet channel in favor of service and product providers;
  • Calculation of remuneration of its own employees and agents’ commission;
  • Financial control: automatic reconciliations, analysis of satisfaction of cross liabilities;
  • Partners list management.


The product is designed for payment aggregators and allows payments transfers.

AMPLOS® components

Each product configured contains its own components set.

Some of components are used in products by default (), some are additional().

Components PayFlow Negotiant Marketplace HyperHub
1. Unicount® Platform
1.1. Processing
1.2. Query router
1.3. Managing contracts and relationships with partners (base functionality)
1.4. Organization relationships management
1.5. Tariffication
1.6. Mutual settlements (base functionality)
1.7. Employees, users rights, roles
1.8. User interfaces
1.9. Accounting
1.10. Batch processing of queries
2. Contracts        
2.1. Contracts with payment service providers and paying agents  
2.2. Contracts with dealers and salespeople  
2.3. Contracts with service providers  
2.4. Contracts for information and technology services    
3. Product catalog  
4. Merchandising      
5. Order management  
5.1. Payment management
5.2. Order management  
6. Mutual settlements, expanded capabilities        
6.1. Mutual settlements based on payment activity  
6.2. Mutual settlements based on customer activity  
6.3. Mutual settlements with employees
7. Salespeople        
7.1. Door to door sales management      
7.2. Distance learning
8. Financial management
9. Billing
10. Inventory management  
11. E-wallets    
12. Loyalty points
13. Antifraud
14. User interfaces for clients        
14.1. Payment interfaces      
14.2. Customer showcases  
14.3. Self-service interface
15. Automatic payments    
16. Cashier workstation  
17. Self-service kiosks
18. Bank card management    
19. Profiles      
20. Personalization      
21. Customer experience      
22. Personalization, expanded capabilities      
23. News publishing content management      
24. Advertising management  
24.1. Banner management  
24.2. Broadcasting management  
25. Process monitoring
26. Document management
27. Dashboards